Where we're at now / Thank you

Hi everyone,

Admittedly, we've been doing a lousy job of keeping everyone up to date on the website, so apologies on that score. Our director, Maurice just finished 6 weeks of intensive production on 4 different short films, so we've been a tad bit busy. But don't worry, we haven't been doing nothing! We've gotten our footage from part 1 of shooting processed, and our director and editor, Autumn Dea have come up with a rough cut for part 1. Stay tuned for an update with screenshots from our dailies, and later on a short teaser of the footage we've shot.

What's in store now? Well, part 2 of our film of course! Unfortunately, it's not as easy as just going out there and shooting it. In the next few months, we'll be concerning ourselves with tightening our remaining budget, finding the rest of our funding, finding our locations, hiring cast members, and a bunch more. Stay on the lookout on social media for our crowd-funding campaign. We'll have more details as things develop!


We'd also like to say thank you to Matthew and Michelle Balester for a very generous donation. So far with all of the support from our friends and family, we've raised an astounding $2,427--quite a bit more than we ever expected!